Agustín Bruzzese

DoP looking for different kind of artists

DoP looking for different kind of artists

(auto-translated from Dutch)

I have 9 years in the film industry. having worked in Argentina as an electrician in productions for Netflix, Turner, HBO and different productions company.

Here I have worked as an electrician, gaffer and bestboy for different kind of productions (NIO, Philips, Amsterdam Gemeente, Team Liquid, Lamas, etc).

In all these years of working on various productions I developed my creative, communication and teamwork skills. At this point of my career I have all the necessary to lead a team and bring ideas to life

I'm LOOKING FOR artist with the desire of make beautiful things. If you are dancer, actor, director, scriptwriter, etc, feel free to contact me, I'm open to different ideas and give the best of me for each project.

Please, check my profile.

[email protected]