Remco Lodeweges

Actor who speaks languages/

Actor who speaks languages/

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Dear All,

After the series "First Class" and a number of short films, I am available for all kinds of fun assignments.
I am especially touched by emotional and physical play. I am a qualified theater director (often Pinter), theater coach and certified actor. I continue to work as a (nude) model for artists. I also work as a language teacher for a volunteer organization. I am 52 and live in The Hague. My days can often be divided freely, so availability is high. I have a car.

I speak Dutch, French, English, German and Italian and I can also get by well in Spanish.

Please respond if you are interested!

Dear all,

After the TV series "Brugklas" and several short films. I would like to share my availability. I am graduated as theater director and actor and I work as a model (mostly nude) for artists.
Films, short films or series that appeal to emotion, attract me the most, however people have discovered my comic side as well.
I am quite flexible in availability and I have a car.

I speak Dutch, French, English, German Italian and I get by in Spanish.

interested: do drop a line!