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Frisian speaking actors wanted for 48 hour film project

Frisian speaking actors wanted for 48 hour film project

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Team Last Minute is looking for Frisian speaking actors/actresses for the 48 hour film project Groningen! We have been participating as a team in this exciting project every year since 2020. The concept: write and make a short film in 48 hours. This year we choose to focus on the Frisian language/culture. However, we only find out the genre on the Friday evening before the shooting day. The shooting will take place on a farm in Delfstrahuizen (Friesland), see the website here:

Our team often consists of recently graduated makers from the Audiovisual Media (HKU) and Communication and Multimedia Design (NHL Stenden) courses.

What do we offer?
We offer a very fun and educational experience within a friendly, motivated and relatively experienced team. In addition, the film will be shown in a cinema in Groningen as part of the award show (yes, there are prizes to be won!). Because this is a low budget project, we unfortunately do not reimburse travel expenses.

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We are looking for three Frisian-speaking actors/actresses who are available on October 7 (and who can preferably be present on the evening of October 6). Because the script is still being written, there are no age limits. Experience in (film) acting is a big plus, but please send us an email if you are interested!

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