Marijn Liek

Male extras for short film Dieuwertje Blok

Male extras for short film Dieuwertje Blok

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are looking for production assistants for 'Boezemkring' for the new short film by EQUS Film (Moffenmeid, De Overkammer and Screwed). Directed by Ayla van Kessel from a script by Ronald Giphart and his daughter Tip Lammens. This film is about the major differences and misunderstandings between the older and younger generations in a special sorority. The leading role will be played by Dieuwertje Blok

What do we offer?
It is a low-budget film, so only expenses can be reimbursed, but you will work with a mix of passionate young talent and experienced filmmakers.

Please send photo & reel to [email protected]

professionele productie / lowbudget


Mature men who will act as chefs. Preferably with a 'chef's belly', but this is not a must.

Language requirements

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