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Feame Models for Photoshoot

Feame Models for Photoshoot

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Seeking a fabulous female model to light up our luxury brand photoshoot in Amsterdam!
If you've got that easy, fresh look and love being in front of the camera, let's make magic together.
Ready to dazzle?

What do we offer?
€150 cash offer.

semi-professionele productie


Calling all female models!
Dive into a stunning Ice Bath Photoshoot. We're seeking bold beauties who can turn chilly moments into captivating art. If you've got the poise to pose in icy elegance, we want you!

Job requirements / profile
You don't need to be an Olympic swimmer, but some experience in modeling would be a plus.
Comfort in chilly water is a must, and a knack for striking fierce poses is a huge advantage. But hey, if you're up for a challenge, we want you!

Language requirements

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