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Stunt scooter riders Wanted

Stunt scooter riders Wanted

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Fora promotional video we need to shoot a short clip of one of the female lead actresses with guys performing stunts on scooters.
Are you the one of those rider, do you know one of those riders or better yet are you a group of?
Then we definitely want to come in contact with you!

What do we offer?
Besides the opportunity to show off we offer you professional footage which you can use on your socials.
There is also a special FX make up artist on set so if you want some pre halloween face footage we can probably help you as well.

professionele productie / lowbudget

The Hague/Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Guys or girls who can perform any kind of tricks on a scooter.
Must be in possession of a scooter.

Language requirements

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Expires 28-09-2023