Sonja da Gra├ža

Subtitler or screenwriter

Subtitler or screenwriter

(auto-translated from Dutch)

The Graca Company provides all kinds of services, but mainly focuses on producing, scriptwriting and subtitling of (corporate) videos

I have had practical experience as a subtitler since 2018. I have been able to subtitle several films from English into Dutch for the (then) DutchChannels. I have also been able to carry out a number of assignments for the VPRO. These related to translating the raw footage from Portuguese into Dutch.

I also have experience as a screenwriter since 2017 and as a producer since 2019. In the latter role, I and my team won the Gouds FilmFestival in 2021, among other things.

Are you curious about what I can do for you? Please contact us. We can then look together at how we can help each other further.