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Production internship DotInk Cinema

Production internship DotInk Cinema

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DotInk Cinema
As a production company, DotInk Cinema focuses on making strong and powerful arthouse films. We aim to touch our international audience with challenging documentaries and fiction projects. Thought-provoking subjects are often centralized in our work while focusing on diversity and social interest. Introducing young and talented filmmakers to the international community is an important element.

Producer Thomas Mataheru
Producer Thomas Mataheru (1995) is an independent film producer and post-production supervisor from The Netherlands. Thomas is founder and producer at DotInk Cinema. His latest short "Lucid Dreaming" (2023, Emma Evelein) has been selected for the “Gouden Kalf” and Debut competitions at the Netherlands Film Festival. Next to his production company DotInk Cinema, Thomas works as a freelance post-production supervisor. The last production “Forever Forever” by Anna Buryachkova has been selected for the Venice Orizzonti Extra at The 80th Venice International Film Festival.

What do we offer?
DotInk Cinema is a small production company, which provides you with a unique opportunity to be involved in all our projects. As we rely on low-budget grant applications, the internship fee is limited to covering travel expenses. You will have the chance to expand your network within the film industry and attend various film festivals.


Film productions are often long-term projects involving many people. The most enjoyable part, of course, are the shooting days. However, a lot of preparations have to be made beforehand. DotInk Cinema is a very small production company. As an intern, you can closely observe all the steps of the production process. You get the chance to work closely with many professionals in the film industry, allowing you to quickly build a network. Our previous interns have been accepted into institutions such as the Dutch Film Academy or have become independent professionals in the film industry after working with us for a while.

Filmmaking isn't all about the glitter and glamour of the red carpet. Just as much office work is involved as work on location. We appreciate proactivity and don't shy away from phone calls. Furthermore, we have a very open organization where everyone is welcome, and inclusivity and diversity are important to us. Please take a look at our website and watch our films on NPO Start. Please note: we are a production company. For example, you won't be doing directing, camerawork, or editing. We exclusively work on projects for cinema, so if you're interested in TV or commercials, this might not be the right place for you.

Job requirements / profile
Your tasks can be very diverse, including, for example:
- Assisting with grant applications
- Organizing (digital) meetings
- Booking flights and accommodations
- Supporting (pre)production
- Submitting films to (inter)national film festivals

Language requirements
Dutch English

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