Roos Van Gestel

Actors wanted for short fashion film

Actors wanted for short fashion film

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For a graduation project at Cibap Vakschool I am a female director and videographer directing and filming a short film about induldging.
Step into a different world through the lens of high-class indulgence in the form of a captivating short film. This project dives into the notion of indulgence, exploring it through facial expressions with little to no dialogue.

You will be playing a high-class mysterious woman in a high class diner party alongside 9 other young women.

What do we offer?
We offer you an opportunity and a film to put in your portfolio!



- a young women between the ages of 18-25
- you don't need to have a full portfolio but a passion for performance and acting and enthousiam!

Language requirements
any language

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Expires 01-10-2023