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ACTORS WANTED for production 'INCIPIT'

ACTORS WANTED for production 'INCIPIT'

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are looking for talents for the production of the short film ''INCIPIT''.
This film will not only be my graduation film, but also my admission to the Dutch Film Academy as a director.

On a remote farm, the Bogerd family mourns the tragic loss of their mother. CALEB (18) seeks comfort in the hope that his mother will one day return, while twin brother CATO (18) suppresses his emotions. Meanwhile, FATHER (52) is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, which further increases tensions within the family. Caleb, vulnerable because of the loss, becomes increasingly susceptible to dark influences. A mysterious encounter with the PALE MAN increases Caleb's influence and pushes him further into the grip of darkness. As the family is pulled further apart, the situation comes to a tragic head, with the conflict between them turning deadly.

Genre: Drama/Horror.
Period: Mid 1950s.

We are a young, creative team who always work hard to create a beautiful product. Our short films regularly screen at festivals.

What do we offer?
-A young, creative team.
-portfolio purposes
-Submissions to film festivals

semi-professionele productie


We are looking for actors for the following characters:

FATHER: Robust, wooden, releases little to no emotions.

-Mature man aged 40+ wanted.

The PALE MAN: Can be described as the personification of evil, a monster so to speak. For this character we are looking for someone who wants to bring this creepy extra to life.

-Man with tall build.
-short hair to balding is a plus, but not required.

Language requirements

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