Adela Bottcher

Short film - small roles

Short film - small roles

(auto-translated from Dutch)

Logline : Having just moved to Amsterdam, Lou prepares her new apartment that she will share with her partner, Joel. For now though, Joel is on a trip with another intimate partner. Confronted with the complexities of her non-monogamous relationship, Lou shifts her gaze to the rhythms of her new city.

Director's portofolio :

What do we offer?
The participation in the project is paid (fees depending on the role) and meals included.
This is a co-production between the Netherlands and Switzerland.

professionele productie / lowbudget


For an upcoming short film directed by Naomi Pacifique, we are casting the profiles below.

Real couple - 2 girls
We are looking for a real life lesbian couple who would like to participate to the project, appearing in one scene.

Real friends/couple - 2 guys
We are looking for two guys who like to go to raves, and have the rave aesthetic. They appear in one scene in the film.

Language requirements

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