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Looking for a student house in the Den Haag/Delft/Rotterdam area

Looking for a student house in the Den Haag/Delft/Rotterdam area

(auto-translated from Dutch)

At starsoundprodutions we are looking for a student house that wants to participate in a fun production about Europe!

This video series focuses on the role that Europe plays in the daily lives of the residents of the Netherlands. Every episode plays out the same way. A presenter tells us from the studio which topic we are going to highlight and we always go to a reporter who explains the topic to people's homes. Think of sustainability, transport, food safety and the digital world. Each episode focuses on a predetermined question within a theme on which legislation has already been finalized.

We would like to ask you a number of questions about one of the above topics, which we will prepare together in advance. Our enthusiastic and warm director will call you and explain everything. Of course you can also ask me any questions you have! It will either take an afternoon or a morning.

So if you are interested or know a house that would like to participate, I look forward to meeting you!

What do we offer?
A compensation of €150 and a very pleasant shooting day

professionele productie

Den Haag/Voorburg/Delft

A student house with 4+ people where at least 2/3 would like to answer a number of questions about internet use/internet safety. Think of questions like: “Have you ever seen or read something and thought: this is really not possible, or I don't know if this is safe? So what? Does it ever happen that you don't trust a situation when you're on your laptop or phone?”

“Have you learned to use the internet safely?”

“When you were younger, did you ever make agreements with your parents/guardians about internet use? What then?"

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