(auto-translated from Dutch)

A sentence, an object, a character, a genre and 48 hours of time.
Film teams receive the ingredients for their films on Friday evening and then have 48 hours to write, film, edit and return the film on time on Sunday evening.

Our team does not consist of novice filmmakers.

What do we offer?
You will be welcomed with open arms by our highly experienced professional team with enthusiastic members who have previously won awards within 48hfp and/or been rewarded for their contributions to the film and video industry.
Going for 110% every day is our motto and our main goal is to produce a beautiful film within these 48 hours.

Premiere screening in Natlab Eindhoven on November 26 and this film will also be submitted to various national and international film festivals.
The winning film of this 48hfp will also be shown during Filmapalooza 2024 in Lisbon and compete for the best 48h film in the world.

Travel costs in consultation

professionele productie / lowbudget

Ergens onder de rivieren

*) gaffer

own gear would be nice

Job requirements / profile
You enjoy being creative, you have a feeling for films.
Given the short time available, you can handle work pressure well.
You are willing to come to the set early

Language requirements
Does not apply

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