Karan Singh

Short Film (Drama)

Short Film (Drama)

(auto-translated from Dutch)

I'm working on a drama short film and we are looking for some people that might be interested into helping us create this. It is a low budget film so we can only offer the valuable experience of working on this film and a credit on the project. Depending on the sucess of the film, we may consider submitting it to a film festival.

We are looking for anyone with a great passion and interest in filmmaking, experience is a nice benefit but not needed.

PM if you're interested in working on the short film. Or send an email to
[email protected]

What do we offer?
Since this is a Low budget film, it is an unpayed job. But we will make sure to give everyone the credit where its due. Where we can hopefully display the film in the film festival together.

professionele productie / lowbudget

Around Amsterdam

We are looking for the following rolls.

- Producer
- Cinematographer
- Production design
- Make up / Wardrobe
- Editor
- Sound Design / Mixer
- Gaffer

Job requirements / profile
We have no special requirements, we only expect passion and the will to grow in the industry, were we can colaberate all together as a team into making something amazing.

Language requirements
English, Dutch

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Expires 30-12-2023