Marjolein Verhulst

All-round camera operator

All-round camera operator

(auto-translated from Dutch)

We are looking for an enthusiastic all-round camera operator to join our team

What do we offer?
Working at Storicam offers many challenges. We offer a nice, varied and independent job with various clients from Dutch television and online platforms.
* Storicam believes in a strong, relatively small team that maintains a high quality standard. Our people all work in permanent employment and from their own
own place of residence. Everyone has their own Storicam camera set and ensures that all items are always in perfect order.
* Large variation in activities. Every day is different. From running for a current affairs program one day to a big one the next day
film documentary series.
* Working on the latest and greatest equipment.
* We offer attractive salaries with career opportunities.
* We have a good pension provision to which Storicam makes a substantial contribution.
* Storicam has a close-knit and nice team. A team that is not too large, so that the individual personality is guaranteed and the colleagues always know each other
help and advise.
* Possibility to occupy one of the posts in America for a longer period of time, with accommodation provided and a substantial allowance for the
living and travel expenses are paid.
* Many growth opportunities within our profession
* Filming for beautiful productions for Dutch television and online platforms.
* We regularly make trips / dinners with the entire team

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Job requirements / profile
We are looking for an experienced camera operator to join our fine Storicam team. Full-time or part-time and in permanent employment.
Being able to edit on AVID or Premiere is nice. You can get a drone certificate from us, but of course it is always nice if you already have the required papers.
Our cameramen all have a predilection for filming stories with content, can shoot films and occasionally also take care of the editing. In addition to running many different programs for public and commercial broadcasters, we also film documentary series for the online platforms. We work for current affairs and news organizations, consumer programs and documentary series. We are active at home and abroad. We regularly travel the world for the programs, but we also have 2 permanent locations in America. One colleague is stationed in New York for a longer period of time and another colleague is settled in Washington. These posts are occupied by the cameramen who have the ambition for this, but it is not a must.
Are you an enthusiastic and experienced camera operator, do you not have a 9 to 5 mentality and would you like to become our new colleague?
Send an email incl CV to; [email protected]
We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Language requirements
Dutch English

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Expires 25-06-2023