Arwen Koks

Tough kids wanted for short adventure film!!!

Tough kids wanted for short adventure film!!!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

This short adventure film is about group 7 who goes on a school trip to the museum. 4 completely different children who should know nothing about each other are put in a group. They decide to squeeze in and end up in a secret room. Under a sheet they come across an enchanted mirror which sends them back into the museum. But the museum is silent and empty. Or not quite…

What do we offer?
We will of course reimburse the travel costs you incur.
There are also plenty of tasty snacks and drinks available on set!
(If we film a little later, we'll go get some fries or pizza :)

Besides that, you are also invited to come along to the film festival, where this short film will be presented.



We are looking for boys between 10 and 12 years old who want to play the boy leads in our film.

So have you had a dream for years to play in a (short) adventure film? Then don't hesitate and sign up!

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