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RTL 4 is looking for children (10-13 years)

RTL 4 is looking for children (10-13 years)

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For the RTL 4 program 'Later when I grow up' with presenters Jochem van Gelder and Rein van Duivenboden, we are looking for children who want to participate in their dream profession for a day. Or profession they are interested in.

Previous episodes can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/lateralsikgrootben

What do we offer?
A very nice day, with experience in front of the camera.

professionele productie


We are looking for children between 9-13 years old who have a dream profession or are interested in a profession. They can work together with the presenter for a day. In collaboration with a company, we come up with fun and suitable activities that they can perform and they compete against the presenter in a Challenge. The kids must be spontaneous and dare to ask questions.

We are specifically looking for great candidates for the following professions:
- Firefighter/woman
- Hotel manager
- Shoe store
- Optician
- Cop
- Engineer Electrical
- Street maker
- Mechanic
- Working in the port

You can register via the website: https://www.lateralsikgrootben.tv/
Or by sending an email to: [email protected] and then state your name + address + telephone number and which profession(s) you are interested in.

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