Shari River

Graphic designer wanted for film!

Graphic designer wanted for film!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

The short film The light is already out is about the artistic 22-year-old Rio (Alejandro Zwartendijk), who struggles with his bipolar disorder.

Socials: @hetlichtisaluitfilm on Instagram and Tiktok

What do we offer?
There is a limited budget, but travel costs + any costs incurred related to fonts etc.

semi-professionele productie

Amsterdam/Utrecht of Leiden

We are looking for someone who can do the graphic finishing of our edit. In 3-4 scenes of the film, parts of a poem will randomly appear on screen (14 sentences in total)

Example from the Dickinson series:

Job requirements / profile
* Experience

Language requirements
Dutch or English

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Expires 24-06-2023