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Documentary producer wanted

Documentary producer wanted

(auto-translated from Dutch)

6 years ago I had an accident at the Orthen railroad crossing that left me with permanent brain damage. Afterwards I was told that people had known for 20 years that this was a dangerous level crossing where people had fallen before. (3 days after I fell there another girl fell, fortunately not as bad as me) I have therefore filed a lawsuit against Prorail and the Municipality of Den Bosch as they refuse to accept responsibility. This lawsuit has been going on for 6 years now and there is no end in sight.
I want to make a documentary about my accident and the subsequent court case. why did this have to happen, why do court cases take so long. and what can you as an individual do against 2 multimillion companies and their armies of lawyers.

What do we offer?
At the moment I do not have any funds, but I intend to obtain them. I'm already in contact with someone who can help us set up a crowdfunding. Payments will be distributed fairly among all participating parties.

professionele productie / lowbudget


I'm looking for a producer to take on this project. I have already completed part of the crew, and many benevolent contacts in the film world, but a good producer is still missing.
This is going to be a big project that I want to offer to networks like the NPO. Because the court case has not yet been completed, there is a chance that we will make part 2 of the documentary at the end. I'm looking for someone who wants to participate in the entire project.

Job requirements / profile
Everything on the organizational side of making a documentary.
I came up with the idea for this documentary myself and I have taken the first steps, but (partly) due to my brain damage I cannot do the real organizing myself. So I'd like to leave this to you.

Language requirements
Dutch or English

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