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Crew for short horror film De Makelaar

Crew for short horror film De Makelaar

(auto-translated from Dutch)

I am looking for some crew members for the short film 'De Makelaar'.

De Makelaar is a short horror film of about 10 minutes. The idea is: a small production team with big results. The intention is to shoot the film in one full day. Location: Zwolle. Date: to be determined, but before mid-July.

Are you interested? Send an email to [email protected]. It is a production without a budget. Unfortunately I cannot give you a refund. Of course I will provide food and drink on the day. In addition, your name will (of course) appear in the credits and you can use the film material for your own portfolio. If we start working together, you will of course receive further information (screenplay, etc.).

The film will be submitted to (inter)national film festivals. At the moment my current short film Room Available has already been selected for several film festivals in Europe. I have the same plans with De Makelaar.

Logline: When a real estate agent unexpectedly gets viewers in one of his homes where he keeps a dark secret, the visitors pay a high price that he can't collect himself.

The Estate Agent has a quarrel with his locksmith over the phone, who he believes has put a bad lock on one of his houses. The broker has 'something valuable' in his house, he lets slip. As a result, he had to put a makeshift padlock on it himself. That same moment, a youngster sees the house in question, and they call the real estate agent for an immediate viewing. Inside the house, the younger couple macabrely disappears. When the broker wants to get away, two mechanics from the locksmith report. They threaten him in connection with the shouting match, but also want to take a look inside in connection with 'something valuable'. The broker lets them in. After that, however, the man loses control of his secret…

What do we offer?
- food and drink
- credits
- film material for your portfolio

semi-professionele productie


boom operator (sound man or woman, own material is nice, but not a requirement)
camera operator (own equipment is nice, but not required)
If you know someone who likes to be a production assistant, you are very welcome of course.

Job requirements / profile
Camera experience
Experience with sound

Language requirements

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