Elfie van de Mosselaer

Producer wanted | paid | a flower's gloom

Producer wanted | paid | a flower's gloom

(auto-translated from Dutch)

For the graduation film by Elfie van de Mosselaer called 'A Flowers Gloom', we are looking for a producer for a longer period who has an affinity with Arthouse, Queer films and Psychological Dramas. The position will mainly require setting up the Funding, managing a small production team and carrying out the PreProduction and Distribution. Experience is desirable, but we are especially looking for someone who is highly motivated and passionate about developing this beautiful project as well as possible.

When Jaimy (18 years old) is kicked out of her father's house, she doesn't want to keep in touch anymore. This results in self sabotaging behavior in Jaimy's. Her friends and partner try to urge her to reopen the conversation, but when she decides to do so, it's too late. She is confronted with the different stages of grief, but this time there is no solution|

Do you think you fit in with this project? We look forward to receiving your motivation letter in our email [email protected]. See you soon!

What do we offer?
Fee negotiable.

semi-professionele productie


- A producer with an affinity for short films (fiction) in the themes Family drama and Queer films.
- A producer who speaks and writes English fluently.
- A producer aiming for an international goal (film festivals).
- A producer with experience of setting up Funding.

Job requirements / profile
- Funding plan.
- Setting up Funding.
- Pre Production.
- Distribution.

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Expires 01-07-2023