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Crew wanted for recording a short film!

Crew wanted for recording a short film!

(auto-translated from Dutch)

What is the film about:
Tuin der Driften will be an absurd tragicomedy of 15 minutes. The story highlights an important social theme: social comparison. Something we can no longer avoid in this (media) world. The film is about two neighbors across the street who enter into a competitive battle over who has the most beautiful front yard.
The story takes place on a vacant lot in the middle of nowhere. The film ends with the message that something doesn't always have to be better and sometimes it's just good as it is, even though somewhere in the world the grass is always greener.

What do we offer?
What we offer:
Travel costs options and catering are available, of course it will be beautiful and fun shooting days.
Everyone else works voluntarily with a lot of passion.
Of course you are also very welcome at the premiere of the film.
Unlimited kudos and gratitude from the director and production team.

professionele productie / lowbudget


Soon we will be shooting the short film Tuin der Driften in Almere on the Oosterwold site. It is director Daphne Severeijns' graduation film for the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Job requirements / profile
At the moment we are still looking for:
MUA: 9 to 12 June (expenses for make-up material are available)
Boom operator: 9 to 12 June (all equipment is available if you don't have it yourself, otherwise there is also a budget for equipment)
Gaffer: All shooting days (there is a budget for equipment)
PA and or Runner: All shooting days (preferably with own transport/driving license)

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