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Penningmeester gezocht voor Stichting Open Filmteam

Open Filmteam

Making filmmaking accessible to everyone: That is what we want at Stichting Open Filmteam. To this end, we organize short film projects in which Professionals and amateurs work together, we run a script team in which writers give each other feedback and learn together, and we set up projects where participants come into contact with team filmmaking. As a standard we receive more registrations than we have room for, and with the foundation we therefore focus on increasingly larger projects in which more participants can participate. To ensure that this succeeds, we are looking for a treasurer for the board of the foundation!

professionele productie / lowbudget

Online/ Apeldoorn

As treasurer, you help us make unique film projects possible where everyone can participate and amateurs and professionals learn together! The board of the foundation meets two to four times a year and thinks about the broad lines of the Open Film Team Foundation: What kind of projects do we want to organize and how are we going to do this? In addition, the board monitors the implementation of projects. The treasurer is responsible for financial affairs from the board. It is therefore important that you have some knowledge about and/or experience with accounting or that you like to delve into it. You will become part of a very enthusiastic group of people with one common passion: Filmmaking. You are also at the basis of film projects in which participants get the unique opportunity to be part of filmmaking on a large set. Thanks to our open registration process and free participation, everyone can participate. We see that people are joining who otherwise would never have such an opportunity.

De positie van penningmeester kost je ongeveer 1-2 uur in de maand.

Functie eisen / profiel
Het is handig als je enige kennis over en/of ervaring met boekhouden hebt of het leuk vind je hierin te verdiepen.

Wat bieden wij?
Het betreft een vrijwilligersfunctie waarin je natuurlijk wel aan de basis staat van prachtige projecten. Ben jij of ken jij iemand die dit zou kunnen en het leuk zou vinden vanuit het bestuur te helpen het Open Filmteam verder te laten groeien? Stuur deze vacature dan door mail naar [email protected] met je CV en een korte motivatie. Denk je dat dit misschien wat voor je is maar heb je nog vragen? Stuur die dan aan [email protected]

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Op: 09-11-2022 / 423 x bekeken
Categorie: Onbetaald
Verloopt op: 31-12-2022
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