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Acteurs afstudeerfilm 'Anduzeblauw' gezocht

Pim Hegeman

Anduzeblauw will be a comedy drama set behind the scenes of Leo's film set in the South of France. He is determined to put himself on the map, as an actor, writer and director. He takes the pressure he puts on himself out on his cast and crew, consisting of friends who don't have the right experience. While the recordings have already started, Leo ponders about the climax for his story, which he still has to come up with. Meanwhile, he is distracted by his feelings for Sil, an actress who stars in his film. They like each other a lot, but Leo's deep-seated pressure to perform keeps pushing Sil away. This is going from bad to worse. The question is whether Leo will come to his senses or whether he is so blindsided that he will continue until it is too late.

This film serves as a graduation project for the 'Visual Communication' course that our director follows in Maastricht. It is a not too well-known training, which is very broadly focused. We do have the ambition to raise this film to the level of an HKU / AHK graduation film.


Helmond / Anduze

We are looking for a total of 4 actors, all between 18 and 30 years old:

Main characters Leo and Sil:

leo (male):
A driven young man with a passion for storytelling. He is convinced that he will make it as a filmmaker and is prepared to go to great lengths for this. He is not sure what to do with his feelings for Sil. He would like to surrender to it but also finds it scary, in addition, surrendering to Sil automatically means that he is less focused on making his film, a thought that he finds difficult to accept.

Sil (woman):
A passionate, fun young girl. She is an actress starring in Leo's film. Outside of the set she has a very good connection with him. They laugh a lot and several romantic moments develop between the two. However, once they're on set, Leo's pressure to perform takes over and his behavior changes. Sil has no choice but to collect this on the spot. At first she continues to forgive Leo, but how long can you continue to believe in someone when their behavior becomes less and less acceptable?

The supporting roles Fabio and Robin:

Fabio (male):
He has been friends with Leo since childhood. As a child, they made films at this location during their vacations. Where Leo still clings to the dream of making successful films, Fabio has abandoned this. He went to college and is now working in a different sector. Still, he likes to help with Leo's project.
Fabio is quite dry, actually thinks it's all right. Yet the frustrations towards Leo are getting higher and higher the more often he shoots out of his shoe. It results in a confrontation during the shooting of the climax.

Robin (gender TBD):
Is present on the set of Leo as a producer. Robin used to be part of the group of friends that also included Fabio and Leo, has gone in a different direction just like Fabio and now likes to help with Leo's intended breakthrough project.
In practice, Robin is mainly busy putting out fires on the film set. Fires that usually start from an outburst on Leo's side and the reaction of other cast/crew members. Robin is also always there for Sil, who regularly has a hard time when Leo asks irresponsible things of her. Robin does not shy away from putting Leo in his place, but thinks in terms of solutions and wants to bring the entire project to a successful conclusion. However, the question is whether it will succeed.

We zullen op 22 april met de gehele cast en crew naar Frankrijk rijden. Hier zullen tussen 24 april en 5 mei 10 draaidagen plaatsvinden, waarna we op 6 mei met zijn allen terugrijden naar Nederland.

Verder draaien we op 14 april een aantal scenes in Nederland waar alleen Leo in zal meespelen.

Wat bieden wij?
De reis- en overnachtingkosten gedurende deze twee weken zijn uiteraard gedekt, evenals de catering (ontbijt, lunch en diner) op deze 10 draaidagen. De maaltijden op de rustdagen zullen zo veel als mogelijk worden vergoed.
Aangezien we een studentenproductie zijn kunnen wij je helaas niet uitbetalen. We werken met een volledig vrijwillige crew. Het doel is wel een film van aanzienlijke kwaliteit te realiseren. Het zal een waardevolle bijdrage voor je portfolio zijn. Daarnaast belooft het een erg leuke periode te worden. We zijn met een groep jonge, enthousiaste en leergierige mensen en draaien op bijzondere en avontuurlijke locaties. Daarnaast zijn er natuurlijk rustdagen waarop we van de omgeving zullen genieten.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Pim Hegeman
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