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Opzoek naar acteurs voor een experimentele studenten speelfi

Davey van Aken

Hi! I am currently making an experimental feature film.
In this film many effects will be used and I really go for a distinct look. The locations will all be in or around Arnhem.

A short synopsis:

In the near dystopian future, a dream watcher works in his studio filled with screens. His job is to watch and save people's dreams. To see someone's dreams, he must first get to know them better (Habits, fears, etc.). He follows the persons as a kind of 'big brother' extra through cameras (Like surveillance cameras)

This time he follows a woman, Christine. Through her inner dialogue you find out that she is paranoid about being followed. After he gets to know her better, a green light will glow above the dream maker's screen. He watches her dream, this dream is filled with cameras and blurry extras.

The woman meets with an assassin named Kain. Kain is obsessed with his nails and fears his victims' stuffed animals. The woman pays him to kill whoever follows her. The dream maker now follows the Kain, he also has inner
monologue. After a while, the dream maker sees the assassin's dream, he dreams about the stuffed animals and other "not important" features of his victims.

The dream is suddenly disturbed by blood on the image. The dream maker lies dead in front of his screen.



I am looking for 3 actors for my film

Christine, a paranoid woman who feels she is being followed.

For Christine appearance is not important, preference is for a dark hair color.

Kain, an assassin obsessed with his looks and concepts that aren't "important."

Appearance is not very important to Kain either.

The dream observer, a person who does not leave his studio and watches everyone.

Looks are not important, the only thing that really comes into the picture is your eyes.

The film will also contain voice-over, so please be open to voice-over recordings, also just in Arnhem.

10 - 28 April

Ik gok rond de 3 dagen nodig te hebben om te filmen, daarna nog 1 dag om voice over op te nemen.

Wat bieden wij?
Alle reiskosten worden vergoed en natuurlijk zal catering ook worden vergoed.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Davey van Aken
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Op: 13-03-2023 / 566 x bekeken
Categorie: Onkostenvergoeding (bv reisvergoeding) , 18-30 , Vrouw , Man
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